So, I took my LTD Viper in to have it looked at tuesday at a local guitar shop. The man whom I spoke to told me that it'd be fixed in by the next day. So, I came back wednesday, and I spoke to a different guy, who said it would be done in a couple days...which I thought odd, because I thought it'd be done that day. I gave them my phone number and they told me they'd call me when it was done. I have yet to receive a call from them, almost 4 days later.

I guess it's because there was guitar gear in front of my guitar that needed to be fixed...I saw a Marshall head and a few other guitars. Still, though, it's been a while and I have received nothing.

Anyone else have similar stories?
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Yeah, a guy I know brought in his bass just to get an input jack fixed. It took them 7 days, and they still didn't fix it, so really is was like 11 days. The music store was Long and Mcquade (a Canadian music store). It sucks.

I always go to my local store. Better service, better selection, better everything.
I know how you feel, The guys at my local music shop are complete dicks. They act like they are so much better than you, and one time the man running the register completely ignored me when I was buying a pack of strings. He kept his conversation going with someone else and did not even say thank you...
Honestly, most of the guys that sold me my stuff, and helped me were fine. gave me deals, were honest, and pretty helpful.
I took my amp in after I got it and accidentally blew my tubes, then tried to replace them with KT77's only to have it not work once... Took them 3 ****ing months to figure it didn't like the KT77's and needed some 6L6's... When I got it back it had uber noise, so I took it back in a couple of days ago, only for them to have it for a week and tell me there's nothing wrong... My arse there's nothing wrong, the hum is at talking volume when the amps volume and gain are on 10 (Even if no guitar is plugged in)

On the other hand, they're not unfair with their pricing.
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my amp stopped working at my graduation party bout halfway thru, sucked =( brought it to get fixed, got the usual "we'll call when its ready". 3 weeks pass, nothing from them. i finally go there and ask for my amp. i was expecting it to be a huge power supply thing, turned out a little 3 dollar fuse blew. they had fixed it the day after i brought it in and fired the tech who was supposed to call me.

tldr: amp was fixed after 3 weeks of waiting for a 3 dollar fuse.
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I've heard of people taking their guitars in to a private luthier for a set up and a year later the job still not being done so yeah that would suck.
The place near me is really great. The only time I left a guitar with them overnight they offered to lend me a guitar while mine was being worked on. I thought that was nice.