hey, i was just wondering, a guitar shop around me sells an epi lp standard 100, and a regular standard, i wanna know what the real difference is, because its alot more afforadable for me right not, and at first i thought the standard 100 was the plus, but now im pretty sure its now, so could someone please clear this up for me, it would be really appreciated. thanks.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard:


Epiphone Les Paul Standard 100:

different body materials, the 100 has a bolt on neck and open-coil humbuckers, thats about it, so theyll have different sounds
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will it be alot different thought, or will it sound like ****, because i wont be able to get the shop anytime soon, just maybe by your knowledge of the materials and open coil humbuckers, aswell as bolt ons