I'm choosing a neck for my new build, and I'm kinda stuck between two different necks. I like the Aria Pro II for the sharkfin inlays and the reverse headstock, but I've never played an Aria Pro II. The Jackson is too plain IMO and I hate dot inlays, but I love the feel of Jackson necks.

I want to know the neck profile of the Aria Pro II's (don't give me the profile of Aria necks, as Aria and Aria Pro II are different companies), and which neck I should choose in your opinion (I play metal).

If I get the Pro II, I'm going to put a black finish on the headstock, and possibly a Jackson decal, so I'm not really concerned about the headstock's finish.

BTW, it's going on an American made Warlock w/ a black finish.

The Aria Pro II

The Jackson
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Well the jackson will definately be a good choice but it depends if its a cheap jackson neck or the more expencive ones I know when I put the neck of my Jackson on to my warlock it was problematic to say the least but the BC neck felt super smooth on the jackson which was weird. I'd say get the jackson neck unless you want the look of the reverse head stock then the Aria will do fine I supose I've never played a new Aria neck before!
Heres what my switch ended up looking like.

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