I'm currently in the market for an amp head and I'd like to know some opinions before I start searching.

Less than $1000, 2-channel, at least 50 watts, has to do cleans and moderate gain (ultra CHUGGA CHUGGA gain not required, but I don't mind it )

Other than that, I don't care what brand, tube or solid state, whatever
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What kinds of music do you play, give us some bands that you would like your tone to resemble. Also, where are you located? (for the sake for finding some used gear)
Why does the amp have to be over a thousand?

Also, Boogie Mark III.
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Why does the amp have to be over a thousand?

Because > =greater?
Oh, I meant LESS than $1000...

And as for influences: Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, kinda alternative with maybe a tinge of Death Cab for Cutie. When I'd use the distortion, it'd be a deep, low end sound with moderate gain.
if you're not dead set on the 50 watts part, an egnater rebel 30 might be good for you (30 watts, plenty loud). it has two channels, fx loop, tube mix, variable wattage, etc. and is one of the most versatile, quality tube amp's i've played in a while

also, look for a used 50 watt 2-channel JCM800 on ebay. they can run around 1000 bucks
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