ArE TeH SPidEr 3 TeH GoOD?

just wondering about the Vetta series from line 6 never tried them but heard some great things about them. How are they? personal experience apreciated. also whats the differnet between the vetta 1 and 2. and how much does a vetta 2 212 combo go for used.
I never use the vetta.
I currently uses Spider III 15, not really great, not really good.
Many people said that Line 6 sounds too digital
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Many people said that the Spider series sounds too digital


The Vettas are Line 6's highest-end amp, quite a few people have replaced their entire rigs with just a Vetta and the Line 6 floorboard. Not quite sure of the difference between the Vetta 1 and 2, but the 1 can be upgraded to the Vetta 2's specs. They go used for way under a grand, often less than $750.
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Vetta's are great. Best modeling amps on the market. Very little digital sound to them, and incredibly versatile. I've played on the Vetta 1 as well as I own the precursor to the Vetta, the Line6 Axsys (also a VERY good amp, you just have to learn how to set it, as with the Vetta). I'm a tube and analog fan boy, so saying they sound great from me means something .
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hit up matrixclaw he has some clips
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vettas are amazing, never played anything better. just wish i could afford one