I was thinking of getting a new bridge pickup for my tele. American made standard in case you're wondering. I hear a lot of good things about dimarzio pickups but I want to hear from people who put in a new bridge pup in their teles and why they chose that pup.

I want screaming, piercing, and most importantly sustainable highs if thats possible on a tele.. I don't much care for the twang that the stock pup puts out, and sometimes it sounds really tinny and too trebly for my tastes.

Anyway, anyone who has any experience with a custom bridge pickup on a tele i'd like to hear some opinions.
I'm going to get the EMG T-Set when I upgrade the pups on my Tele. They're supposed to be really, really good. I haven't tried them though.
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Good highs but minimal twang? You've got the wrong instrument then because twang is what the Tele is all about and you can't take away that twang without losing the higher response too. They're the same thing, it's just how a Tele is made.

There are certainly things like singlecoil sized humbuckers such as the Seymour Duncan Little '59 and Hot Rails that will get rid of the 'twang', but they're not going to have the high-end response you're asking for either.
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