Can someone tell me how to get the plugins to work in REAPER? I downloaded the BTE Audio's Tubescreamer Secret VST, the Nick Crow's 8505 and keFIR, put them in a new folder in the Reaper directory, loaded the directory, but it says "The fallowing effect plug-in could not be loaded" for every one. I posted this in the VST thread, but I thought this would get me a result faster.
64bit Windows. Other than the VST problem, I like Reaper so far, records real easy, I might use it more than Audition!
Well you could get the plugins into one folder, then open Reaper, to to the settings and options bit, and go to the bit where you can choose where your plugins folder is, then choose your new folder as the plugins folder. i had loads of trouble with reaper and getting it to work with the exact same plugins as you want to use and doin it this way made them work.
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they don't make 64 bit plugs yet. so go back to 32 it'll work

Ah, I didn't know that. Ok, thanks dude!