I'm having a lot of trouble getting my mimi faster than 120-130 even for short bursts, but i can get a lot faster if i use all my fingers.

I've heard a lot of different tips on technique. like i've heard that all the motion should come from the large joint, and i've heard the all the motion should come from the small joint. i've also heard that the joints should be relaxed before making the picking motion, and i've heard that relaxing the joints should be the picking motion, and i've heard that they should relax at all. i've also heard people saying to use your extensor muscles to get the finger back in place, and i've heard people say that you shouldn't, that you should just relax and let them drop into place.

could someone tell me how to properly pick a string?
sounds to me like your thinking a little too much into it. i'd just keep practicing using all your fingers cept maybe the pinky for picking
how the fingers are held and used depends very much on the individual player. i play 100% fingerstyle when i read this thread last night, i couldn't even answer your questions to myself. why? because i play with my fingers held in the way that feels natural and comfortable to me, and i wasn't actually sure of how that was. my fingers fall into that position without me thinking about it.

i can tell you that i never tense the finger muscles as that would slow down the motion. i never tense the finger muscles at any time during playing, and i'm actually pretty fast - much faster than anyone i've heard at gc, for example.

btw, when i'm playing leads rather than patterns, i use only my index and middle fingers on my right hand.
it just takes time, keep using the metronome. But first run some scales at 90 Bpm (eighths or sixteenths, whichever you are having trouble with) then go to 98 or so, then 104, 1012, 120, and keep going up.

Dont always practice just mimi, practice imim and mama amam too.
patience is the key thing when it comes to technique practice.

edit: are you doing rest stroke scales or free stroke scales?
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I started out without picks and always wanted to play harder stuff. I still to this day don't play with a pick, but I'm figuring out ways to do all the stuff like pinch harmonics and pick harmonics without a pick.

I teach guitar and what I would reccommend for you is to start out simple. If you already use a pick, use the same fingering, but without a pick. Then use just your thumb. Then mix in your index finger and progress into using all fingers. Use different progressions and always diversify your exercises.
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3 years ago I could get 180(Vivace) with sixtuplets, I haven't played anything that needed that in ages. I can't do it anymore but I can still guide you.
Depending on how you play you can either use imami or iamiami. When learning go slow play scales using im, mi (may seem useless but it will help later on) , ia , ai (same with this) , am , ma (and this one) , ima. At about 69. Then 76 and ect ect. If you can't do it fast don't rush.
I also don't play with picks much like "dizzle!". Remember to sit so your fingers are perpendicular to the strings, not 10 or 20 degrees to an angle, Perpendicular if you want to be fast. If you want diffent tone colour the variate the angle to you liking.
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holy crap that's fast haha.

i'm learning the guitar again and it is going swimmingly for the most part

the reason i'm asking for help is just that i can't get even one finger up to a decent speed

thanks for the help though, i think eventually i will start doing mima or imia

when i played right handed, i couldn't play faster than 120 with a pick without using my elbow, like i just could NOT get my wrist to move faster. The same goes for fingerpicking. Finally I learned how to move it faster, but I still had very poor technique.

Now that I switched, my picking is infinitely better, but my fingerpicking is still stuck at a certain speed, and I just wonder if I'm not using my muscles correctly, like with my right hand picking.

I'm playing with fingernails, not very long though. And I've been doing both rest and free stroke, and they're both the same speed. If I played with the arc of my finger's rotation perpendicular to the length of the string, then my fingernail just hooks the string. It looks like people like paco de lucia and this guy http://www.youtube.com/user/fingershred
play with their fingers almost perpendicular to the strings, but if I even try to play more perpendicular my fingernails just hook the string. I play basically at at 45 degree angle for free strokes, and for rest stroke i rotate my fingers like 45 degrees.

I play with an angled pick too. I can't just pick the string with the pick flat with the length of the string, or it hooks the string.

How do you pick perpendicular without hooking?
ok so i was hanging out with someone tonight and she doesn't play guitar at all but she can already do im as fast as me. It was embarrassing haha though I can use all four of my fingers so I'm still faster lol. Anyway, I watched her and asked her and she said she is just using the middle of her nail. I can't do this! My nails hook the strings unless I turn them sideways. Is it possible that my nails are not good for picking?