Ask Jesus, he might know.
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I think he's just doing the A major sweep "form". It's the easier sweep to get really fast with and what he's doing is not all that impressive.
He's using Eminor, Cmajor, and D major 6 string sweeps and a Gmajor 5 string sweep.

In future, learn to pick these things out by ear. Or just watch the video and he what his hands are doing.

He also slides a B and a C note on the high E string when doing the E minor arpeggio to give a Em6/Cmaj7 sound.

So basically a VI VII i in E minor and then at the end modulating to G major.
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If I could do some of the things you guys are saying to do to figure this out, I wouldn't be posting this

Thanks for helping, though. GriffRG7321 answered it perfectly.