Ok well im builing a les paul guitar with a strat style hard tail bridge
and i wont to add a piezo/MIDI functionality to it ive seen these goast saddels but im after something like that but comes in gold and has resellers in australia not sure about the goast's

any suggestions??

also if you have done something similar please show what it looks like and how you routed the cables.
Does it have to be a strat style bridge? You can get gold T-O-Ms with piezo saddles. There are several different manufacturers. More Les Paul like too.
yeah it does i relly only got the strat style because to have TOM i need to rout the neck pocket and 1.5 degress wich i just dident know how to do :S so i went simple
you can make your own. Apparently you can buy piezos from a hardware store and turn them into pickups. I remember seeing a tutorial about it once. A lot cheaper than buying one too.

EDIT: You don't HAVE to have a neck angle for a TOM. You have 2 options - Recess the TOM:

Or you can route the neck pocket not as deep as usual and then shave the heel to make it more comfortable.
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thats a great idea but......

i will still need a pre amp and all that jazz for midi ouput plus if ido it my self it will look dodgey plus i was after something that was built into the bridge some how cuz those midi pick ups just look ugly and not natural
you install them underneath the bridge. And all a preamp is, is just a few resisters etc, there not at all hard to make
true well do you have any plans or tuts for a pre amp and/or piezo setup with midi output????