I bought a Orange Crush 30-R And it sounded amazing, it had an awesome clean sound, however this clean sound is starting to turn into a really bad overdrive and turning the gain down does nothing so basically-
My amp's clean isn't clean at all
The Overdrive is a quiter more distortied version of this
And my BOSS DS-1 Sounds worse than what it use to sound like.
Sounds like god hates you.

Really, the amp is probably broken, and you're realizing that DS-1's aren't a very good sounding pedal. Or it sounds worse because your putting it through a broken amp.
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^ This, plus the Crush is pretty terrible.
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Sorry to hear that your amp broke.
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that sucks it sounds like it is totally fried you should be able to replace that amp for not that much. The day before I bought my Carvin Legacy my Marshall MG just died while I was practicing but at that point I was glad
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The crush isn't a very good amp to start with - basically Orange's version of a Marshall MG. You should look into upgrading to a better amp instead of fixing the one you have now.

Also, ditch the DS-1 or send it to Keeley or Analogman to get modded.