in line for a new guitar and have never played one with a floyd rose and just want to know if they are faster guitars then fixed bridge guitars? Cheers.
doesnt really make a difference except without a floyd rose its much easier to lower the action if needed.
Most people with a floyd rose shred though and therefore they are set up pretty well stock.
Don't quite know what your getting at here?
Generally when people say 'this guitar is fast',they mean that the neck is thin,or very smooth.
The bridge doesn't have an effect on this,unless a light bridge affects neck heaviness,meaning you have to hold the neck up,thus reducing the ease of sliding your hand up or down the neck.
Perhaps your talking about picking speed?
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The bridge does not affect the speed at which you play.

The speed at which you pick will vary depending on who you are. I pick really fast on tune-o-matic bridges WITH the stopbar, but for some reason not so fast on string thru with TOM setups. It depends on how you rest your hand on the guitar, and personal preference.
Not faster but definitely feel different. I prefer the feel of guitars with floyd rose i'm not too sure why but I just like it.
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add a racing stripe and a spoiler and double your speed

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Anywho- speed on a guitar is mostly determined by neck profile...but different bridges have different feels. I am a Floyd Rose man myself.

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