Basically I am looking for a cheap Telecaster that I can mod and customise.

Cannot be over 100 pounds!

What you got for me?
It's not damaged; it's just a little dirty.

I'd clean it up for you, obviously.

I won't lie, it's not a great guitar. I bought it for the same reasons you seem to be looking for one, but then got a Les Paul and kind of abandoned the whole shebang. I've played it but never gigged with it.
ultimate-guitar is for idiots.
It's lightweight as hell, dunno what it's made out of though...
ultimate-guitar is for idiots.
Ah right.
Good, I was after a lightweight one.
What would say was bad about it?
Frets sharp?
Also, can I pick it up locally? I see you are in Gosforth.
And another question, is it a flat back, or does it have a belly arch similar to a Strat?
Flat back, although the contours of the body means it's no uncomfortable when sitting down.

What's bad about it is that it's ... a bit entry-level. Not the fastest neck in the world, pickup tone can get a little muddy, all those kind of things. The frets are fine, the whole thing could do with a clean, but nothing too drastic.

And you could indeed pick it up locally. I could also drop it off, should you choose to buy it.
ultimate-guitar is for idiots.
Ah that sounds fine.
One slight problem, I go on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow, could you hold it for me for say, 3 weeks?
And could you knock it down to 50, because I'm collecting?

You shrewd businessman..... yeah sure.

Holding for 3 weeks is literally no problem. Send me a PM when you get back or something.

Have a good holiday!
ultimate-guitar is for idiots.
I will hopefully see you then. Ill contact you.
Other people feel free to offer up if they are less than 50 quid, I do have 100 to spend on guitars