Is there any way to get a heavy guitar sound like John Petrucci's on the Train Of Thought Dream Theater album using software? I have the full Guitar Rig 3 program, nick crows 7170 and 8505 amps, kefir, voxengo boogex, lepou's full stack and the catharsis impulses he gave for Dream Pin's amp vst thread. My guitar tracks can be doubled, quad tracked or even more, five tracks even. And I can detune my guitar as low as JP has his 6 string, two steps down.

I really like the tone on the T.O.T. album but don't have any money to spend on mesa boogies and music man guitars!

I am hoping there will be people on this website that can help me get close to this awesome guitar sound.
For me it's a little hard to get a tone that close to Petrucci with Guitar Rig.
try AmpliTube Metal
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