Sorry if this has been done before but if it has just tell me and I will delete this. I was wondering what the easiest Vai or Satch song is, as I want to give one a try.

Thanks in advance.
Obviously Fassa.
Check out the Joe Satriani thread in the 80s Rock, Shred & Progressive forum.

Edit: For Joe Satriani, one of the easier songs is Super Colossal. Try learning that.
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"For the Love of God"

Well, not impossibly hard, and fun to play.
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Die to Live, Steve Vai. Not really very difficult, and a sweet tune.
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if you dig some weird tapping that involves using 2 fingers from each hand, give "Midnight" or "day at the beach" a shot. both satch songs that you can nail pretty much easily once you get ur right hand trained.
however, you don't learn any cool licks from satch by learning those songs.
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This made me wanna learn super colossal too go do it!
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