Hello, I'm currently playing a Delta King Oscar Schmidt with telecaster pick ups. I'm looking to get a new guitar seeing as I'm borrowing this one. Though I don't have to return it any time soon I'd still like to get my own just to have one seeing as I've really gotten into the hobby. I play a bit of country, classic rock, and metal. I saw on craigs list the other day a wg580 in fair condition, probably just wear from being played, I didn't see anything bad or broken. It has the Humbucker Single Humbucker configuration and it also comes with a V-TONE GM108 amp. I don't have an amp currently either, I'm running it over speakers which doesn't give a good sound compared to an amp. The seller is selling this for $150. I was wondering if this is a good deal and this is the guitar I want.
Also on craigs list there is a esp f-50 which seems really cool. I'm wondering whether I should get the wg580 & amp or the f-50?