an electric guitar and a peavey vypyr 30 watt amp and i wanna play enter sandman and billy talent rusted from the rain, but i can't get my gear to sound anything like either of those songs, what settings do i put the amp at to get those sounds?, and what are some good beginner songs?
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what kind of guitar
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i learned the heartbreaker riffs early one, they're cool if you like zeppelin. the riffs at the beginning of black dog by led zeppelin if your up for a bit of a challenge, if you wanna start working with chords learn the intro to fly by night from Rush, dead skin mask by slayer has a few easy parts you might be up for, theres a good few metallica songs i started with, enter sandman, master of puppets, seek and destroy, and for whom the bell tolls. As for those songs, one i dont know, but enter sandmans intro is much cleaner than the rest of the song, then it gets distorted, I'm not sure about the gain on your amp but mine works for it at about 4, as for EQ i think you'll put mids down to like 4 and keep bass and treble at like 5 or 6 as a starting point, I'm not really experiencesd with that amp though, so others will be more helpful