Ok guys,

I need a new amp the ones i have now are crap (dont even go there) and i need your help.

Ok so im on a budget of £500-max and im looking for a valve amp.I play RHCP,RATM,Some metallica,alot of hendrix,some funk music etc.

The things im looking for:
-all valve
-2 channels
-Great clean sounds
-Combo-but if it is stack the head and cab must be under £500

I know these amps are incredibly unique bur if you could try and find one with plexi style cleans and Silver Jubilee OD's it would be great.

Thanks in Advance for your help.
Laney LC or VC amps have good cleans, and two footswitchable channels. OD isn't bad, but for metal might need boosting to tighten the low end.
in my opinion you really should just save up the extra 500 and get yourself a nice tube combo amp. It's totally worth it because you never really need to "upgrade" you know? however thats just my opinion .....
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe's have great cleans, and IIRC they also have 3 channels (Clean, Drive, More Drive) and a bright switch (All Foot-switchable)

Orange amps also have amazing cleans and solid OD, not sure about the foot switch though...


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peavey valve king maby?

Not without some upgrades.

I say a Laney TT series, but I'm not sure if they can be found for less than 500 pounds.

Maybe a Hayden Mofo?
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