Hey guys!

I'm after an attenuator for my 30W amp, what wattage should the attenuator be for? would i get away with a 50W attenuator or would i have to get a 100W one?

Also, which attenuators do you prefer? I have around £100, and am looking for one which has a line out as well as speaker out.


50w will do it, but I would say if your getting an attenuator, go with 100watts so if you get another amp that is a higher wattage, you can use it also.
Weber is the way to go... if you can get them over there.
Figure out a way to get a weber, cheaper than the THD (which are crazily overpriced IMO for what they are) plus they use a speaker motor for part of the load so the amp will interact with it more like a speaker. Fifty watts will do ya, but like ghold said, you might as well get 100 in case you get a bigger amp some day.
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