For some reason i can never get a decent tone with a les paul, its always way too muddy and deep, even using the bridge pickup. The bridge pickup actually sounds a lot like my neck pickup. I've only played epiphone les pauls, but I've played some of the higher end ones and they didn't sound much better. Does anyone else feel this way? And I'm assuming gibsons sound much better
It depends alot more on the amp, and somewhat of the pickup. The body wood/quality DOES play a large factor, don't get me wrong...but I'm thinking your amp, or pickups may be causing this. But also, Les Pauls are not known to have a bright snap to them...the majority are mahogany (once again, assuming one of decent quality..), which is a darker sounding wood.
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I take it you are playing through the AD30VT? That should give you a reasonable sound with proper EQ'ing. Have you tried another guitar through it? Have you tried your guitar through some other amp? Have you tried different cables? Are you playing it 'clean' straight to the amp?
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I don't own a les paul, I just mean I've played them in stores and I've never liked the sound. But yes I've played different guitars through the same amp that sounded good. It's probably just the pickups in epiphones and the fact that the body is very thick mahogany, and they just don't mix well at all. But I have played 4 or 5 epi les paul standards and some do sound a lot better, but still pretty muddy.