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Hi, I am just starting bass, and I've only recently started to teach myself (about 2 weeks ago).

A few days ago, while reading through the forums, someone bosted a link to studybass.com. I started reading through it, and I thought that it looked like it was a good website, to complement what else I was using. However, at the part about fingerstyle playing, it describes a different technique from what I've been using, though it seems like it would also work well, and I just have a few questions about it.

What I've been using from the "For Dummies" book, says to use your pickup as a thumbrest, but what it says on the website is to have your thumb hover in front, and then roam, so as to help mute.

I thought this made sense, but when trying to use it, I have had lots of trouble striking the E string properly because my thumb, and fingers are too low. Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or is it just that I have to practice?

I'm also wondering if there's anything inherently good or bad about either technique, or is it just a matter of preference?
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as with any playstyle, it's all about becoming comfortable in a variety of them, slap, pick, either fingerstyle you mentioned - it ultimately comes down to what you're comfortable doing and affords the most appropriate options for the song you're playing, there is no drawback to practicing both
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its all a matter of preference. i prefer to have my thumb anchored on the pick up or on the e string purely down to my playing style, some of my friends float more than me, others stick to the pick up indefinately and it works for them. go for what you feel more comfortable in.

EDIT: i mute strings i'm not playing with either my little finger or sometimes my ring finger if i'm not using it
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behind the neck duh...if u rest the neck in teh natural curvature of thumb, ull be able to reach the E
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dude just play however you feel comfortable, ive been playing for about a month and a half and only occasionly used websites to help me, a lot of it is just first building up ur speed and the ability of placing ur fingers where u need to, dont worry too much about proper techniques until u have a proper feel for the bass. just build up the strength in the hand you dont normally use by doing fretwork and then go to proper techniques.
There are a few ways to finger bass ranging from one finger to all five. Most common is people playing with two fingers and resting the thumb on the lowest string. When I play, it's what I do, only I'll use my thumb if I need to do fast string skipping or if I'm doing a lot of octave work.

Edit: It's really all just preference.
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behind the neck duh...if u rest the neck in teh natural curvature of thumb, ull be able to reach the E

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All jokes aside, just rest your thumb wherever it feels most comfortable. I don't rest my thumb on the pickup either.
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