Its kinda circa survive-ish I suppose. I dunno, maybe not. but thats what I was trying for. And yeah, I know the production is kinda ****ty. I left my interface and mic at my band's practice space so I'm recording on a super old mic direct into my sound card.

It's the first song on my profile, obviously titled 'Lights NEW'. Thoughts?
i like it

try boosting the v ocals and maybe trying to double up on the tracks to make it sound fuller, you have a good voice it's just lacking on the recording.

i play the same kind of music, sorta.
The sound quality's not that bad considering... But yes the vocal track is a bit low in the mix. I wish you had posted the lyrics since they are hard to make out. Not that you don't enunciate but the volume issue. I am going to friend you cause I like your style. Hope that's cool. I hear a few mic bumbs too but I get the idea this is just a project track. Maybe try a little vocal reverb or delay just to play with it. I think you could use some low end to fill out the sound a bit. I like the idea you have here though. If you would be so kind to return my critique, my post is for my song called "Hold A Moment" and the link is: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/search.php?searchid=386575
Thanks and I would like to discuss recording techniques a bit if you have the time, feel free to ask me anything too. I won't make stuff up if I don't know the answer! Thanks , man!!