I really want to buy either the red Zacky Vengaence custom model or the Syn Gates standard model made by Schecter but I can't find either of these guitars in England and american websites wont allow Schecters to be shipped abroad.

Where can I buy either the Syn Gates or the Zacky V Custom models???
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Reverb Store-----They will order them in for you.

Any Schecter Stockist. they will order them in for ou but in the UK Reverb is the best bet as they tend to have loads of them in storage.
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Put it this way buddy, getting anything by Schecter in England is HELL. I started chasing my Syn custom in August 2008 and got it in April 2009. But that was the custom, they are notoriously difficult, last time I checked reverb's online store did have a ZV guitar for sale... ooh there it is: http://www.reverb-store.co.uk/product-detail.asp?prod=3609 It's left handed like :/ But yeh, as suggested above, reverb are very good at getting things done and will get you one in due time good luck with your hunt, also there is / was a Syn standard in a local shop near me...
sadly that zacky is left handed
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I know these guys ahve a Synyster model in at the moment (I saw it less than 10 hours ago) and if you wanted anything else I'm sure they'd be more than happy to order it for you, all the people that work there are really friendly.
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I am not gonna buy one from shops because they are too expensive, gearhounds.com ship to UK and are cheaper. On ebay you can get B stock schecters with little damage for about 400 with shipping
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I can't understand why you would ever buy a Schecter Syn. if you can get this
or this
or this

meh, i had a Jackson Kelly, was complete crap and i'm never getting a guitar with a Floyd rose again, complete waste of time and not worth it. I traded it for a Schecter hellraiser, the Schecter is way way better.
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