Hey UG. I'm looking into recording a couple tracks, and I don't own a drum set. So I need recomendations for what MIDI drums I should use. Style of music would be Veil Of Maya, Born Of Osiris kind of stuff. I love how their drums sound. But I can pretty much just make do with any MIDI drums program that will have good sounds for metal.

ALSO. I own a Peavey 6505 halfstack, that I keep at my drummers house, because he owns the van we use to load up our stuff for shows. So I can't record with it, cause it's not here. So for recording guitars, I was thinking I COULD look into purchasing a line 6 POD. However, I don't really want to spend any money. I have seen programs that work as a modeling amp on your computer if you have a USB interface (which I do). Could you recomend me some programs that might be good for what I'm looking for? Thanks for the help!
Peavey ReValver, Guitar Rig 3, Fender's Amplitube...
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Peavye revalver is JUST what I'm lloking for for the guitar aspect. Thank you! Now could someone suggest me a midi drum program?
EZDrummer Drumkit From Hell or Superior 2.0/Metal Foundry
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Just listened to clips of frumkit from hell, and it sound fantastic, thank you for the help!

EDIT: Drumkit... not frumkit...
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