Poll: MIM Deluxe Player's strat vs. Fender Highway 1
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View poll results: MIM Deluxe Player's strat vs. Fender Highway 1
Deluxe Player's Strat, MIM
4 67%
Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster
2 33%
Voters: 6.
Hey UG,
Having slaved my first month out of uni in full-time jobbings, it has come the point that I can think about making the purchase I've been itching for for 4 years and buy a fender stratocaster.
I've been playing for seven years now and this will be my biggest guitar purchase and am looking to get it as right on as I can in my budget.

Financial specifics aside, a fairly exhaustive sampling session of everything in my price range has bought me to a choice between the fender Deluxe Player's strat (MIM) and a standard highway 1.

Both the specific ones I tried have a great look, and would be happy with either in that sense, my difficulty is mainly picking between the standard strat pickups, or whatever it is that's loaded in to a H1, or the noiseless pickups in the Deluxe.
The H1 feels to me a lot closer to the standard strat tone I've been lusting over, but I have to admire the bite and brightness of the Deluxe, and could only imagine that would cut through great live and in jams and whatnot. However it feels a little removed from the classic strat on the neck position which is my go-to.

Anyone have any experience with either or both of these? Anyone bought an H1 and wished they'd held out for more? Or got the DPS and kinda wished they'd gone for the beaten track tonewise?

I'll probably be purchasing in the next few days (especially should i go for the second hand one) but really want to get this right.
Any wisdom welcome.
I was in the exact same boat. The deluxe felt much nicer to me so i bought it. I just coulnd't hear a difference between the highway 1 and regular mim than could justify the price difference (and it's uglier).
After a thorough auditioning of any guitar through an amp like yours, I don't see how you'll be disappointed after a while. The only disappointment would be after "settling" for something because it's cheaper, compared to ahigher-priced one which felt and sounded better.

I can't see how any of those 2 could disappoint.