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I've already heard Holy Wars... The Punishment Undue. I like it. Any other recommendations?

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Fail, it's Megadeth not Megadeath you're supposed to spell it wrong 'cause it's more METAL that way. Sorry I have to be one of those jerks.

A Tout Le Monde
Hangar 18
Peace Sells
Symphony of Destruction
Angry Again
Skin o' my teeth
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Well, I personally only heard fully Carnival Bizarre and Caravan Beyond Redemption, but both are absolutely excellent albums. Not too doomy, not too stonery, a big, hunking spoonful of healthy humour, and all-around quality writing.

Oh, sorry, thought we were talking about Cathedral.

Dyer's Eve is awesome, and has an abnormally large penis, which doesn't act as any hinderance to his everyday life despite its freakishly large size.
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Jesus cunting Christ.

Even if this belongs in the rec thread, could you guys TRY to give GOOD reccommendations? The one guy who said KIMB is right. That, Peace Sells, So Far So Good, and RIP are the only Megadeth anyone needs. And maybe Countdown To Extinction, but some people think that one's harder to swallow.

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Yep. I'm real mad. I got done havin some fun jammin w/ my band today, gonna have a Sloppy Joe dinner, w/ Tater Tots covered in chili, then my girlfriends gonna blow me tonight. I've got lots to be mad about!