Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right section, but I have a question about copyright.

Let say I have a site with video guitar lessons. There's no doubt that I can post lessons about general guitar techniques, but can I post lessons about how to play certain songs? I'm not sure whether I need the songs rights or not.

Some people told me yes, but other told no because the videos would be for educational purposes and I will not play the songs live to make money. Also I would just show how I think the songs are played (learned by ear) without official tabs.

So, what's the truth? Do I need the rights or not?
No, you shouldn't need the rights. And if you do, the most anybody's gonna do is ask you to take your video down.
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Short answer - to use *any* copyrighted material, you need to secure the rights for it. Whether you make money or not is irrelevant.

The educational exceptions generally only apply for private study - not for lessons where you teach others.

For more, see the copyright thread.


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