Recording. Alright well here goes. I love recording, my amp is awesome, my mic is good, interface is cool, but my room is crap. Two of my walls are full concrete and the other two are 1inch thick pieces of wood with thick studs and another 1 inch piece of wood on the other side.

I feel the room may be making my sound more sterile and killing the life out of it. I have my mic 5-6 inches away from the speaker and a little bit away from the cone. My sound is not peaking or anything. Is there something else i could do to make it sound a bit better.

This is just a little clip of what i got..nothing special just to show what i have so far as sound goes. environment


Any ideas. If pictures are needed to show what i got i can provide them.
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What mic are you using? Dynamic or condenser? Try experimenting with the positioning, maybe get a little closer and turn the distortion down (remember the mic isn't recording what you hear, it's recording what you would hear with your head next to the speaker cone). Raising the amp off the ground a foot or so may help reduce odd bass reflections, and hanging some blankets on the walls (try covering the corners to stop the room being as boxy) might help to dampen the room a little.
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wow dude. you need to get closer to that speaker. and maybe back off the gain.. i can't understand your rhythm guitar at all.
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thats way to far the mic to be from the cab. it needs to be like 1 inch maximum, from whati've delt with