Is this movie very scary/creepy? I'm talking about the 2004 remake. I'm asking because I hate those scary types of movies (The Ring, The Grudge, The Descent etc) but I wanna see this.

To put in perspective, I've seen all the Resident Evil films, 28 Days/Weeks Later, Doomsday, and was fine with them.
not at all, its quite possibly one of my favorite movies.(i love me some zomibes)
and it came out in 04, why are you waiting so long to see it?
This shit is Pie.
Black Metal Pie.
It talks about winter.
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Not even a little bit. I just watched it this morning.
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You're more than welcome to check it out.

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it would most likely scare the crap out of me.
but i still regret sneaking into friday the 13th, so i wouldnt be the best person to ask
EDIT: actually i think i'm safe to say that this movie would not scare me
that means you can see it
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It is a great movie with some great action scenes in it. I recommend it. And dont worry, its not terribly frightening (meaning, you wont have any nightmares)
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Alright thanks everyone. I've only just decided to watch it because my brother bought the DVD today, it was pretty cheap.
Western horror is comedy compared to Japanese horror like the Ring and Grudge movies.
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Is this the one where there's a sex scene in the shopping centre?

If so, watch it. Has some great parts. It's not scary, there is one part which can startle you a bit if you don't expect it.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Nah, there's actually some pretty funny parts in it too.
It's a pretty good and not scary movie, but what I ever understood is why they all of those zombies, all of which could could run, and hold down a grown ****ing man, could not break through a glass door to get into the goddamn mall.

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Fcking love this movie.
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the ring isnt scary, it's hilarious

lol wowow you guys dont know good music then... get out of your deth metal and screamo ruts and listen to something that has emotion in the music...

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Unless you have an extreme phobia of zombies (like I do) then this movie shouldn't be too scary.

The "pop-out" parts are the worst.
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Well Shaun of the Dead was hilarious
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You should be fine. I wasn't into scary movies when I watched it the first time, but I wasn't really freaked out.

Just be careful after the credits roll. That head in the cooler still freaks me out.