i hope this is the right forum for this, if not ill gladly move. i started playing this scale the other day and i dont know what its called i just played it and thought it sounded cool, it may not even be a real scale.

it's not a scale, it's a mix of a few

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sounds kind of like a mix of harmonic minor and whatever they use in plug in baby by muse
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It's not a single scale as it doesn't stay consistent through the octaves you've chosen, the first octave could be a double-harmonic kind of thing but the rest I have no idea.

Who cares what scale it is, if you like the way it sounds and can use it to make music you like then the theory behind it is secondary until you come to tell someone else about it. If such a thing happens then use interval names rather than any scalar terminology.
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It almost looks like E Algerian but C#, D, and F don't fit.
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