anyone have any suggestions on where to buy a guitar body thats A LOT cheaper than the over priced bodies at warmoth guitars. i understand they're master built, i just could care less who made it as long as its good quality. i bought a george lynch skull n bones guitar from a guy who built guitars for other people out of his garage. and you could do anything to it to customize it, for example i added a neck pickup, 2 volume knobs and i had him coil tap the pickups. and it came out amazing, and for 1/3 the price of a j. frog replica or the same price a j. frog blank guitar. ok, before i begin to ramble, back to the main subject, cheap body, any websites you know, please tell me. thank you for your time.
If you wanted something standard like a strat or tele you might be able to find 1 for that price. But when you start wanting something different then your supplier options go down and the price goes up. Most readily available LP or LPS bodies are gonna be set necks and carved top anyways which drives the price up. Since you are probably wanting a bolt neck flat top LP double cut that gonna be a 1 time custom order which is never cheap. If you want it for 100 or less your gonna have to get a chunk of blank wood and a template and make it your self.
I second Ebay. I have gotten great bodies off Ebay Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. I got a few Ibanez, Jackson, Epi bodies for less than $30.00 I have gotten all my Ibanez necks on Ebay for no more than $25.00 some loaded some not. Look for guitars listed as projects. You might be able to get a complete guitar with a warped neck or other major problem fairly cheap you can cannibalize. Just make sure the body is solid wood and a decent grade of wood.

acutally, my best solution was buying an ibanez GAX70 and put a floyd rose on it. the idea was to be a similar guitar to the kramer blackhawk which i think is quite nice. but now the problem is cash, parents are getting really up tight about money so i guess i gotta do it myself.