Hey all, its been awhile since i posted songs on here....my internet has been messed up for a couple of weeks, but i'e been workin on some songs, here is one of them...any comments would be welcome....and its c4c...so enjoy..
Song 6.zip
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Intro is quite generic sounding, but it works for the genre
I really like the riff at 27
The next riff is cool too
The verse section is awesome
I really like the leads during the chorus section. Nice work
Break is also really awesome, but this song needs and ending

Overall I'm not to fond of anything with -core attatched to it, but this was pretty good. Well done?

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Your "Song 4" was a lot more interesting, but I guess I'm not much into "traditional" metalcore. But really I think these dropped-tuning riffs are nothing but original.
thanks for critiquing my song, like i said, i'll return the favor.

The Intro is okay at, but it really starts to shine at 41. I like how at that point, it seems all the instruments just kick it in overdrive (as corny as that sounds haha)

Love the gallops in the 1st and 2nd verse, I like how you went from playing the gallops first, then the 16th to 8th notes the second time.

The leads during the choruses and 3rd verse are fantastic, but i like leads over the 3rd verse and the break more.

Personally, i don't like the outro, it just feels abrupt to me.

Overall, nice song, the leads are what make this piece standout IMO.
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yea, the song on the first post is the unfinished one, i posted the finished version on my second post

Just edit your OP and put the new file in. Most people don't read all the other crits before downloading the file. They're gonna get the one in the first post and then find out you have a newer version.
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I think that this song is pretty baddass. The leads are nothing too original, but they sound cool and they all work well together. I really liked the triplet section, as well as the lead work in the intro and the chorus. The outro is a bit abrupt, and I wish you would've reprised the intro riff a bit more, but it's still a good song. Thumbs up.

Wanna check my song out? A lot different than this, but a harsh opinion would be welcome.

This really doesn't remind me of metalcore, its more metal-ish. Theres a couple -core elements missing. Powerful drums and the all hated breakdown.

Intro took a while, but it built up reallllly well to measure 41.
I love the way the gallop works, with the 3/4 transitions.

Pre-chorus is probably my fav.
Chorus lead is great.

I'd love to hear this with vocals and beast drums.
I think thats what ruins it for me no powerful drums.
Overall this piece is well written.. good job.

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