I found this free drum program (http://www.supercoldmilk.com/drumtrack/index.htm)... and imported my gp5 midi into it.
I then added some light reverb (i haven't done anything else).

Are the drums on my profile (first mp3) acceptable? Do they sound real?
I haven't done much to them, but in a mix i would add reverb, eq etc.

At the start, I was playing around with reverbs... so it may sound a bit dodgy there, but later it starts to stop

for a free program it dosen't sound all that bad, although they do sound quite artificial.
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They sound awful, in my opinion. Read the sticky about drums at the top of the page. You can make them much better than that for free, if you don't mind putting in a little effort.
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Woops, sorry... i took off those drum files... what you were listening to was guitar pro midi