so im filling in for a bassist tomorrow at a pretty big gig (supporting zebrahead some may have heard of them) and its my first ever gig to play at and im getting quite nervous

what are some of the pits tips to get over nerves?

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everybody sucks at their first gig, so it's not like you have some huge standard to meet. definitely keep that in mind. don't use playing the bass as a crutch though, even though a lot of people don't pay attention to the bass on a recording, it's quite different live.

guess you could try some visualization or breathing exercises if it's really bad. nobody can give you confidence but you though.

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Think about all your short comings, and how the crowd will laugh at you.
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i remember my first gig.
"one ... two.... onetwothreefour!!!....."

*awkward silence*

well, i guess i misjudged that.
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There's nothing you can really do about stage fright, but once you start playing your first couple of songs, you'll find that there is nothing better than being up on stage, under the lights, playing music.

I always get a little anxious before any show, but as soon as the music starts after the first song, nothing matters except playing the best I can.
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What I like to do, is watch a ton of live videos. And be like 'I'm gonna be them, I'm a rock star.' Okay it sounds really cheesy, but it can really get you pumped up.

that could work

*puts on iron maiden somewhere back in time dvd*

Rip of all your bass strings as soon as you get on live, and then attempt to play.
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just enjoy it, its not as much pressure as you make it out to be, you know your stuff and you just have to unleash it

oh and bach's remedy works for nerves
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There aren't really any I don't think to be honest, it's all about you. Just try and be happy in the knowledge that you'll be absolutely fine, they wouldn't have asked you to do it if you weren't up to it, so just stay focused. At the end of the day, although I play bass myself, you're going to get away with a few small slips as most people aren't going to be specifically listening to the bass, and once you get a minute or two into it you'll be completely fine
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first off: youre playing bass. chances are high that no one will really even hear you.

second: the more gigs you play, the less nervous you get. just dont think about the gig and act like its not important to help calm your nerves.

lastly: once you get playing and start having fun, youll stop being nervous. just go out, play your hardest, and have fun.
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i played my 1st gig on friday best thing ive ever done and as long as you are confident once you hit the 1st note you wont give a sh*t anymore, just relax and chill before you go on and ull be fine
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Just because it hasn't been mentioned yet, this: I try and focus on just the one or two faces in the crowd that appear to be enjoying what i'm doing, rather than the whole crowd at once. Stand-up comedians do this, as well. You block out the hecklers and people that aren't pleased with anything, no matter what. You can't please everyone...
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cant get hold of any on such short notice

smoke the herb prior to performance. will chill you out and make you much more sociable/ and give you more confidence. trust me. the perfect remedy for you situation.
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