I just got an entry level yamaha pacifica 012 dlx last friday and I maybe have have 5 hours practice time on it. how often do you guys actually clean your guitars because mine already has lots of fingerprints and some sweat smudges. its a sunburst color with a black pickguard so maybe thats why I even notice its getting dirty looking. thanks
wash your hands before you play, wipe the guitar down afterwards, polish once a week.

btw since friday i`ve done 40 hours playing....hngd for last friday.
Darker-finished guitars will of course show smudges and scratches more obviously. You could keep cleaning it but you'd be fighting a losing battle. Regular contact with your skin means the guitar is always going to get dirty and won out, that's why you never see guitars from the early 50's with pristine paint jobs unless it was kept in a sealed case for decades.

I say don't worry about it. If you happene to not play it for a few days then give it a quick wipe down to get rid of the excess dust that might build up but otherwise, don't give it a second thought. One day it'll get bashed and there will be a big dent, paint chip or scratch in it so who cares about a few fingerprints.
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black and white guitars are the worst for finger smudges and dirt and dings, just use GHS fret fast every once in a while and get a guitar polishing cloth, and wipe the guitar down every now and again, it is your first guitar so as Fibble said dont worry too much about it
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I figured with it being a dark color I was gonna be fighting an uphill battle. I love the color of it for an entry level model but Im just gonna focus on playing it, having fun, and not worrying about battle scars and polishing it
I hardly ever clean my guitar... Although at this moment in time it does need to be cleaned. I really only clean it about once a month, or before/after a gig.
There are guitar cleaners available but don't confuse them with polishes, they are not the same. One removes dirt the other adds a coating which can trap dirt. Polish can build up on a finish over time and add to problems. I like to wipe mine down fairly regularly after playing but I generally don't bother with polish. Today's polyurethane finishes are nearly indestructible anyway. To wipe it down use a clean cotton or flannel (Kiwi shoe cloth) cloth and you can breathe on dirtier ares to soften dirt/grime build up.
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