So, online i found an alienware area 51m laptop, and it's ment for gaming, but it has alot of good stuff about it like:

Alienware Magnesium Alloy Chassis
Intel Pentium® 4 @ 3.0GHz 800FSB
Hyperthreading Technology
User-Upgradeable Graphics
ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 PRO 128MB
15.4"inch WideSXGA+ 1680x1050 LCD
60GB 7200rpm HDD with 8MB Cache
Infrared Remote control
24x CDRW / 8X DVD Combo Drive
SiS648FX + SiS963L AGP8X Chipset
1024mb DDR3200 (2x512mb)
Integrated 10/100 NIC
56k/v.92 Modem
Windows XP Home

So.. could it still work for recording music? and just put in like a new soundcard or something? or should i get one thats ment for laptops? I know nothing about laptops or computers, so please help me out!
and that alienware is going for 275$ right now..
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You can't change components on laptops like a desktop, so no, you can't drop a new sound card. But gaming computers is a generalized term, if it's strong enough to handle gaming, it'll handle everything else.
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The above guy is correct but you can add external soundcards or audio interfaces for recording. Also music recording and audio processing is the most processor intensive thing you can do with a computer, as it has to be in real time, so it may still struggle if you try to do too much on it at once.
Pentium 4's are now three generations old, and very power hungry. Unless you're on a strict budget I'd suggest looking for "Core 2".

In my opinion, that laptop takes the worst of a desktop PC and the worst of a laptop and combines the two.
Its not about it being 'alienware', its about whats inside it. I personally would get a desktop computer, one with a better processer. (and if you wanted to go balls out, more ram but I think 1gb is fine) Basically, if you don't really know much about that stuff, find a more expensive model. And try something like Dell or something. It'll probably be cheaper then a decent alienware.

EDIT: also, youre gonna want more than a 60gb harddrive. that space goes faaaast.
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In my opinion, that laptop takes the worst of a desktop PC and the worst of a laptop and combines the two.

By this I meant:

Like a desktop machine, it's going to be power hungry (due to the P4), large and heavy (due to the non-integrated graphics). What this means is that on the odd occasion you do bother dragging the beastly thing around, you'll barely get any battery life from it anyway, so it'll probably wind up spending most of its time parked on your desk.

Yet, like a laptop, the screen will be frustratingly small when you're sitting at a desk, the keyboard and screen will always be the exact same distance apart (which can get tiresome if you're using it for long periods of time and want to move around/change posture/etc), your upgrade options are severely limited (the only things you can really change in that machine are hard disk, video card and RAM), and it will cost you quite a bit more than the equivalent-performance desktop hardware would.

If I were you, I would decide very early on whether you want something you can carry around and use on your lap, or something that you're going to stick on your desk and rarely move. Any compromise between the two will never be anything more than a compromise.

I don't know a lot about sound editing (yet), but in general computers sold for "gaming" are based around having a lot of 3D performance, which usually means they have a high-end video card thrown in. Great if you want to use it for gaming, but it won't help a damn for most other things. The sound hardware included is likely to be fairly unremarkable consumer stuff, which means if you want to use it for recording you're still going to have to buy specialist sound equipment, so if you're not interested in gaming or 3D graphics a "gaming" machine isn't going to be worth the extra money over a "normal" machine.
ahh thanks ascend, makes alot of sense. i probably won't be bringing it anywhere, i'm just using it for recording mainly, so i probably should go with a desktop. i dont think ill be getting that alienware laptop anyway.. thanks for the advice guys, and yeh 60gb isnt alot , but i'd be able to get a thing where it holds like 200gb more or whatever, those usb things.
I would suggest avoiding laptops altogether if you are serious about recording, that one will work fine as long as it is running XP (my backup is actually a P4 running XP), but really if you want something for recording I would suggest building a desktop machine.
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