Accidentally turned left on a red arrow, think the camera caught me...

Okay so here's the story:

It was around 11 at night and I was with some friends getting ready to make a U-turn. I was at a red arrow, saw no cars were coming, and started to make the turn. About halfway through, I thought "Wait...what the hell am I doing", and stopped the car in the middle of the turn for a good 3-5 seconds in the middle of the intersection, trying to think about what I should do. I then decided to just finish the turn and hope for the best.

Today I was going down the same street, stopped at the same red arrow, and noticed there was a camera looking like this at the streetlight across the intersection to the left:

It didn't flash or anything when I made the turn though.

So what do you think pit? Am I going to most likely get a ticket?
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