we CEREBRAL INFERNO would like you to listen to our take of nemesis by arch enemy,

full band and vocals recorded at home multitracking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdWEbV4sTzM&feature=channel

apprieciate any feedback cheers

we're based in aberdeen scotland
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checked it out, lol so how hard was it to get the vocals down? I know I wouldn't be able to get remotely close >_>

Some parts are renditioned a bit different, but I guess thats what makes a cover ^_^ f.e. some of the drum parts were played differently etc (I'm just going by my memory of the old one) for example with where the lead takes over.

Taking in also the tempo difference, it IS noticeable, very much so. Maybe not as drastic as say the other commenter on Youtube, but it is a bit irking 8*( otherwise a good cover! Concerning the mix though everything is really quiet X_X the vocals sorta throw the mix off with the difference in volume, what exactly are you guys using for your setup? J/c

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