As the title says I have a DiMarzio clip lock strap on my Ibanez and it's great apart from the fact that the strap doesn't go short enough for my liking. When I play standing the shortest length the strap goes is just above my waist, and I prefer the strap to be quite a bit shorter so the guitar is more upright.

So what I am asking is that do Dimarzio have any shorter straps that fit with the clip lock?, looking on their website they only have the 2 and 3 inch clip locks which are both the same length. Do any other straps fit the clip lock system or is there any other way I can make the strap shorter whilst keeping it as safe for my guitar as it is now?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

P.S I tried the searchbar and couldn't find anyone with a similar problem to what I have, but if anyone does find a thread if they could link and the mods can then lock this thread. Cheers again.
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