Ok, here's the deal: My band's just lost its bassist, and I'm talking to a friend willing to fill the position. Problem is, he has no bass amp and is very skint, as are the rest of us.

I will be forever grateful if someone can help me find a bass amp that is:
-Available in the UK
-Loud enough for considerably loud band practises
-Cheap as chips
-Anything else is a bonus e.g. reliable, good tone or whatever.

I'm willing to try and get the 4 of us to all chip in together to get this amp. I don't really care about gigs, he can plug his bass straight into the PA or borrow someone else's until he can afford a bigger one.

Thanks in advance,
I'd suggest looking on ebay. Something in the 75-100 watt range.
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Wouldnt a 75-100 watt bass amp really just be a considerably loud solo practice amp?

Anyway, do you guys actually own a PA? Or do you just know that the venues you'll play at have one?
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