hey just a question, whats the difference in tone between the P & the J bass?
The P bass has a split pick up which gives it more growl. The Jazz bass has 2 single coil pickups and has a wider variety of tones, from deep bass to bright.
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The Jazz bass has more of a body leaning towards a fender stratocaster while the Precision is more like a telecaster.
jazz basses were originally designed for playing walking basslines and such in swing so the neck was made thinner. MUCH THINNER
The P-bass neck is a tank and alot harder to play fast on plus the fret scale on a p-bass is alot smaller.
jazz basses in my opinion are the way to go, P-basses aren't so versatile. Jazzbasses can play anything
The p has a bigger body and thicker neck.

actually im not going to bother, go try both the bass's and see for yourself.

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I remember a post saying that a P bass has one tone that will fit any kind of music and a Jazz bass can create a tone that will fit any kind of music.

+1 to the go check basses out, if anyone asks youve got a damn good reason to be doing so.
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no conroy, you pretty much got a very good opinion about body because that matters to
the P bass has more "growl" and has a more focused tone where as the J is more versatile, you can dial in almost anything and none of it is bad (unless you generally suck at EQing)
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