This is a rant to all the preteen Metallica fans that can't leave well enough alone... If you are the true listener and believer in metal this doesn't apply to you...

Now we all know that metal fans are a bit... defensive... about their way of life and the music that they listen to. They tend be very hard-headed. I'm not the biggest metal fan in the world, but I do listen to some of the more common bands from time to time.

Punk listeners are a little different... they come from many walks of life, are a generally easier crowd then metal folks(not always...) and are somewhat more passive of someone not liking the same music they do.

Punks and Metal fans have always butted heads on this forum... always. Metal fans defend their music by saying that their bands are original, use no power chords, and solo, and tells anyone who doesn't like it to shove their head farrr up their asses and go listen to some blink-182... And I'm tired of it. So...

Metallica jumps to the first of everyone's minds when it comes to metal... maybe due to their name. Metallica, in the eyes of some metal fans, is Jesus comming back to Earth in the form of music... they are the most original band ever, their music being made of 90% solos and the rest something not containing the filth that is power chords...

To bring you down to Earth, Metallica was a original band... for it's time. And it did encourage the start of a genre. As far as their music not containing power chords, being composed of 90% solos, and inventing the metal genre... You're wrong.

You need to grow up. Realize that listening to Metallica doesn't make you cool, and it doesn't make you belong to a group of people that will allow you to score with hot chicks or get high off acid. It make you a fan of a band. TTHHHAAATTTSSS AAALLLLLLL.

And sure, you can take that fandom to the extreme. You can go around saying that anyone who doesn't listen to Metallica 24/7 is a ***ot. Go right ahead. But don't expect anyone to think your cool, attractive, or a hard-ass. We know better.

As I said before... no offense to Metallica fans who aren't offending anyone else. It's the people that tarnish the bands name that I'm refering to. And they know who they are.

tl;dr : Go fu ck yourself if you think that because all you listen to is metallica you are god. grow up, grow a pair, and dammit stop flamming everyone on the site.
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tl;dr : Go fu ck yourself if you think that because all you listen to is metallica you are god. grow up, grow a pair, and dammit stop flamming everyone on the site.

Now, what are you doing?
umm, maybe YOU should calm down? did someone diss blink 182? And now your panties are all in a wad? Chill out.
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grow up, grow a pair, and dammit stop flamming everyone on the site.

you should listen to your own advice
But..Metallica themselves ARE punk fans....

And I've never met anyone who ever did say "METALLICA IS THE BEST F***ING BAND!!!!!". I'm like that with Slayer, but I don't know any Metallica kids. I know people who will calmly say that, but they usually aren't as big as music geeks as I am, and won't flame me for saying that.

If I did meet someone who said that, I'd laugh in their face and say that Metallica never started anything and were always following trends for about 30 years. From Kill Em All to Loaded to St. Anger, every album has been just following trends

Even so, what makes you so different than them? They're calling you a ****** for listening to Blink 182, your making fun of them for listening to Metallica. I don't see the line here...
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Ironically, most of the metal-heads here don't really worship metallica. It's not heavy enough or something :P
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Well there's your problem
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grow up, grow a pair

Says the 14 year old
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Blink-182 isn't punk. If he doesn't know that, chances are he doesn't know that Metallica is actually dad-rock not metal.

Everybody ignore TS.
Real metalheads barely like Metallica at all.

Get the fuck out of my forum.


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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

k.. listen man. i mostly agree wit u bein a huge metal fan myself, and being tired of posers disrespecting the name. but honestly, chill out. ur tired of people acting like asses? your acting like an ass.
TS, I had no idea people even THOUGHT listening to Metallica made them cool.

I think you're just getting pissed off over something your mind made up for you to get pissed off at.
Metallica are original, they will always be, purely because they put a LOT of effort into making their albums sound different... how many bands can you name who really understand music well enough to achieve their kind of versatility, consistently, over an almost 30 year career?

Very few.

People love - no, WORSHIP - Metallica, not because they feel important by it, but because Metallica are a one in a million band, a very rare group of musicians who's abilities balance and compliment each other to such an extent that it becomes difficult to find a single thing they can't do.

"Metal heads" are passionate, is that something to moan about? Get over yourself
Sounds like someone slagged off your music. As for metallica being 90 % solos, I'd say more like 15-20 %.

EDIT: I just read the whole post, if you don't like metallica then just say it without writing a huge essay, no one cares anyway.
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Everybody ignore TS.

shun! everyone SHUN!
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Dude Metallica is so awesome I mean, they're as good as A7X and OZ Ozburn and all the other metal I enjoy listin 2.

I like Metallica and i'm 18, so nerrrrrrrrrr!

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Goddamnit, is Dave at it again?

Dammit Mustaine . Someone needs to blog it or something. I'm not a metalhead by all means but quite unnecessary.
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If you don't think Metallica uses power chords then you must suck bad or not play guitar
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umm, maybe YOU should calm down? did someone diss blink 182? And now your panties are all in a wad? Chill out.


Most metalheads don't like Metallica to the point of worship, and Metallica is actually more hard-rock than metal any more...
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