Firstly, I'd like to apologize as I'm sure questions of a similar nature have been asked numerous times before.

Basically I'm looking for a new distortion pedal as my amp isn't heavy enough for my likings. I'm not yet opting for a new amp as a) I like it's clean tone and how pedals sound through it, and b) I just plain can't afford one.

I'm looking for something that can do really heavy tones, perhaps even verging on metal, although I'm somewhat reluctant to go for any pedals that have 'metal' in their name.

So far I think I've narrowed it down to either the Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde, the Blackstar HT-DISTX or the Boss MD-2. They seem to be suited to the sort of tones I'm after, ie, close to metal, but not quite.

The Blackstar does look/sound pretty nice, but I'm slightly put off by the fact that it requires its own adaptor. However, I will of course live with this inconvinience if it's a good enough pedal.

I generally hear negative reviews about Boss pedals, but I've never really heard anything definitive about the MD-2.

As far as the Jekyll & Hyde goes, I've only ever heard praise, but will it be able to get the heavy tones I'm after?


(Sorry, I think I rambled on a bit there...)
i used to have a jekyll and hyde and i ended up selling it. The od was great but the distortion didnt get dirty enough for me. could be because i have a blues jr but it is after all a distortion.
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the blackstar will probably be your best bet
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The Blackstar is good.. the size of it bothered me though
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I didn't like my J&H the Blackstar would probably be the best but I think the MD-2 is decent
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Blackstar is the best out of the three imo.

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Check out a Keeley MT-2
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im personally GASing for a Jekyll and hyde but try them out, listen to youtube vids then decide.
Out of interest, does anyone know how heavy the Jekyll & Hyde is in comparison with a Proco Rat? Because I bought one of them a few months ago under the impression it could get pretty heavy after reading loads of reviews, but it didn't come anywhere close.

If it's about the same, then I'll opt for one of the other 2.
I'd recommend any Blackstar, especially the HT-DUAL. They come with their own adaptor, so all is well.

I use an HT-DUAL myself.
Blackstar pedals are awesome, I use the HTDIST and it's great and found it had enough gain on tap for me so I could do metallica and such. Anything more than that you might need the X.
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What amp are you using?
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