i have really good dexterity and accuracy with my right hand while finger picking and it's working for me perfectly fine. should i learn how to do the same with an actual pic as well?

like for example, a song like i'll follow you into the dark by death cab kinda picking style
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You don't have to but everything thing you can do is just one more tonal and musical option to have at your disposal so the real question is:

Why not?
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hybrid picking.
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It is useful to know both.

For example, in Freebird, when the lead slide guitar kicks in during the intro, the guitarist is using his fingers. However, he keeps his pick in his picking hand palm and during the verse he busts it out and uses the pick for that slide part.

Both finger picking and using a pick have their own benefits both in terms of tone and volume and in terms of possibilities of what you can pick. Therefore, I recommend learning as many different ways to pick as you can.
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Learn both! And Practice both!
That's what I do!

I like to play a lot of flamenco on classical acoustic, involving finger picking speed, while playing rock and thrash metal on electric, using picking speed.
Then of course I finger pick on electric and pick on acoustic.