I have:
-a Brownsville Telecaster, String-thru bridge, bolt-on neck, and Dual Humbuckers. Master Volume and Master Tone wiring with 3 way pickup selector.
-a Brownsville SG, Tune-O-Matic bridge and bolt-on neck, with dual humbuckers and a strat-style 3-way pickup selector. Master Volume, plus Bridge and Neck Tone controls.
-an S101 SG, T-O-M bridge, bolt-on neck, Dual humbuckers, 3 way toggle, Master Volume and Master Tone, with one Nautical Star Sticker on it (black on black) behind the bridge..
-an S101 Strat, strat whammy bridge, bolt-on neck, with 3 single coil pickups, I rewired it and gave it a 3 way toggle with master volume and switch to add the middle coil into whatever other pickups are selected (allows for multitude of tonal options; strat, tele, hotter single coils)
-an S101 LP with custom paint job (hours of work) and Seymour duncan phat cat in the bridge. Master volume plus master tone and killswitch pushbutton (momentary.)
-a Marshall MG100HDFX Head and Cab , Rated for 120 watts and all original.
-a Vox AD30VT Combo, all original
-Rocktron Bashee Talkbox. Used Twice, very clean and all original.
-Digitech Grunge distortion. My first pedal ever; very good condition.
-Stargazer FX Modded Boss DS-1; I modded it to very high-gain and dynamic sounds with a stronger bass punch and tighter 'chug' to the distortion. Also increased the range of clean to saturated distortion.
-Stargazer FX Modded Boss MT-2; fixed the crazy 'cocked-wah' sound. Gave it a much fuller drive sound and the feeling of the distortion is astronomical. When powered by adapter, and no input cable, it can act as a standalone monophonic synthesizer. But when running off of dying, or dead, batteries, it will use all the energy in the battery and will still produce a very smooth fuzzier sound at lower power levels, even when the LED wont shine. And the bypass will still work too!
-Stargazer FX True Bypass Box; Red LED, "Bulbasaur" pokemon sticker on white MXR sized metal enclosure, True bypass and metal jacks. Handwired and battery operated. (Batt only required for LED.)
Tell me if there is anything you'd like.
I also build my own pedals/circuits and do modifications to pedals, amps, and guitars.
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