If I were to convince my guitar teacher to do a studio recital on Halloween? The place I go, Maughan Studios, already does recitals (got back from playing in one just a bit ago), but to get people up there in costume, and to do a kind of guitar battle thing, but where they match players up by skill level. Those two players would then get together and practice with each other a few times just to set the key, time signature, hang out, figure out other persons playing style, etc. . Then there'd be people dressed as vampires, KISS and Slash up goin at it against / with each other on guitar. Wicked idea, IMO.
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That would be a super cool idea, bro.
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Its lame.
i agree that zakk wylde sucks but that idea would be kinda wierd... but hey thats what rock n roll is about go for it man!
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Ummmm wouldn't you rather go out with your friends?
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