Hi there, I'm Wallacemarino and I'm new here. I'm 29 and 11/12th's years old (see not thirty yet!) and a guitarist and general music hobbyist from England. I spend most my spare time making silly covers and recording bits and pieces of my own. I've just written a small piece in which I sample a couple of movie quote's ripped from the movie Network. Would UG consider this to be a copyright infringement even though it's an original piece of music, or is sampling ok?
Quotes are fine. It's uploading an mp3 off of an official album that's illegal. Something that you usually have to pay to listen to.
breaking hearts
breaking guitars
What about using complete accapelas? ie; I've got hold of some accapela versions of Beastie Boy's raps and bootlegged them to my own music. How will UG feel about that?
Kindly do not use work that other people have already released. If you have to ask about using something then chances are that you shouldn't be using it.