Right now I have a really crappy Korg chromatic tuner. It got the job done when I first started playing, but I dont' even use it now because it simply isn't accurate. I can tune the guitar by ear almost perfectly with audible eadgbe, but the tuner still says I'm off...which I know isn't true.

Are there any tuners out there that work well? Maybe for under 20 bucks? Any of them that are true bypass and could fit on a pedalboard?
doesn't sound right... Korg is a leading manufacturer of tuners

are you sure you've set it to 440Hz and not 445 or something like that?
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the calibration might not be set right
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If I pluck the string and wait about 10 seconds, then it will read accurately. I understand that when the string is picked hadrer, it fluctuates more and the pitch increases. But when I tune purely with the tuner, one or more strings are always off...and it's frustrating. I've given the tuner to other musicians (not guitarists) and they are also unimpressed.

yes it's set to 440.