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how do live guitarists keep from going deaf??

wouldn't that be VERY loud 5 feet away from your head?
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Ear plugs.

/Logical answer.

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what? I can't hear what you just wrote.

Sorry? My eyes cant quite see what you said.

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well since playing live in the last 3 years Ive lost some hearing, but using in ear moniter or earbuds help
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lol, earplugs...or they become dead guitarists...take your pick.
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usually ear plugs. Ear plugs are cool, i like the way it sounds with them in anyways.

Its like everybody has a wireless system and are standing and playing in the room next to where the amps are. If that makes any sense.
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... Or gigantic noise-cutting ear muffs Paul gilbert-style
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/builders headphones ala paul gilbert
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Also, the last time I performed on a big-ish stage, they didn't have monitors and I could not hear anything.
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Teh ear pluggz
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To quote Paul Gilbert;

Extreme Isolation Headphones ~ I wear these headphones at every live show and every rehearsal I do.
They save my hearing by blocking out the loud stage volume, and they allow me to have the perfect mix at the perfect level. Save your ears too!

Not the only nifty gear he's got links to on his site either.

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Earplugs. Unless your name is Kerry King, that is. If that's the case then your tattoos and atheism t-shirts will scare away any deafness.
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Ear plugs, chief
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how do live guitarists keep from going deaf??

wouldn't that be VERY loud 5 feet away from your head?

Not as loud as the deafening silence of the grave.
I read somewhere that Pete Townshend from The Who is actually close to deafness. I have noticed sometimes that when I'm really in the jamming zone and I turn my amp up louder than normal, my ears will hurt for a few minutes after I stop playing... Also, I noticed that Guitar Center sells earplugs with some catchy "made for musicians" type add campaign.
fuck ear plugs. they do go deaf
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Because the Bay Area is the ****.

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I'd be like "wtf, bro?" Then I'd promptly ice the bitch.
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apparently its the studio playback headphones that do most the damage.
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Pete Townshend


A lot of guitarists will use combination earplug/in-ear monitors.

Or...... just regular earplugs.

Or..... none, like Townshend, Hendrix and the like.
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