Hey guys. I've been playing Metal for the past 2 years, but recently I've gotten more into the Progier stuff in metal and more into Rock and Jazz and such.

My question is this:

What are some things I should or need to know about Jazz Fusion (Or just Jazz) Guitar and Psychedelia (Or Neo-Psychedelia). Are there any useful guides on the web that can point me in the right direction? Are there good warmups or scales I should look out for?

Well for jazz i found out that using a modified Blues scale variation worked really good for me. Also using the melodic minor scales will help. And when playing jazz, be sure to include major/minor chords and Augumented, Diminished, And 9 chords. I would maybe in some cases even use the Diminished scale.

For the modded blues scale do the regular blues scale on root position.(Let's say we're using E) Instead of the notes: E G A A# B D(2 octaves), use: E F# G A A# B D D# E G A A# B C# D E F# G, which in turn on the fretboard would be:


Just remember for the scale to leave out the 2nd F# and add in the 2nd octave the C#.

And please, if I'm wrong, someone correct me cause I don't want to look like an idiot about my 'knowledge' of music.

But...that scale works out really good for me.

Also I think add little Chromatics in every now and then. It gives the solo more taste, and makes it very 'non-scalar' sounding.
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